RFD2000 UHF RFID Sled

          UHF RFID FOR THE TC20

  The RFD2000 UHF RFID sled is a compact, lightweight device that easily adds UHF RFID tag reading, writing and locationing capability to the Zebra TC20 touch mobile  computer.

Used For

     (i) Picking (ii) Put-Away (iii) Item Locator (iv) Inventory Management  (v) Cycle Counting  (vi)Price check

 RFD8500 RFID/1D/2D Sled

Add high-performance next generation RFID and 1D/2D barcode scanning to the mobile devices of today and tomorrow — simply, easily and cost-effectively. Just pair the Bluetooth-enabled RFD8500 with a compatible Zebra or third-party mobile device and you’re ready to go. You can attach the mobile device to the RFD8500 sled for a complete one-piece solution — or workers can put the mobile device in a pocket and use the RFD8500 in st

   Used For:

    (i) Inventory Management


RFD8500i Handheld UHF RFID Reader Sled

Add the power of enterprise-class UHF RFID reading to Zebra‘s TC55 touch mobile computer — simply, easily and cost-effectively. The RFD8500i utilises NFC/Bluetooth for proximity pairing to quickly and securely connect to the TC55 via an enhanced adaptor. When it comes to performance, the RFD8500i/TC55 combination is unparalleled — workers can capture tags and bar codes faster and with ease, improving productivity, operational efficiency and customer service                                                                                    .

Used For:

(i) Inventory Management

RFD5500 RFID Reader

The RFD5500 UHF RFID Sled extends the value of your MC55, MC65 or MC67 mobile computer by transforming it into a state-of-the-art handheld RFID reader for enterprise environments.Bring the benefits of RFID to your enterprise by adding industry-leading RFID technology to your MC55, MC65 or MC67 mobile computers. The versatile RFD5500 UHF RFID sledge transforms your mobile computer into a state-of-the-art RFID handheld reader that is at home in  retail storefronts, carpeted business offices, hospitals  and many other enterprise environments. Its patented moni-directional antenna delivers a superior read range and read range and coverage area, well suited to the most read-intensive applications. You get faster read rates, higher throughtput, and improved productivity in your operation.                                                                             

 Used For:

(i) Locate & Track Inventory

(ii) Asset Management


MC9190-Z RFID Reader

  • A high-performance, industrial-grade handheld RFID reader and scanner that delivers best-in-class RFID read range and accuracy. Rugged, reliable and ergonomic, it excels in demanding environments.The MC9190-Z is a high-performance, highly rugged RFID handheld reader targeted for use in very demanding applications and environments. Designed for medium- to long-range RFID read applications, the MC9190-Z delivers best-in-class RFID read range and accuracy in an ergonomic, intergrated RFID and barcode device. Its rugged form factor excels in virtually any environment, indoors or outdoors.


  • Locate and Track Inventory
  • Manage Stock Levels


MC3190-Z RFID Reader

A business-class handheld RFID reader designed specifically to extend the benefits of RFID beyond industrial spaces and into customer-facing and business environments.The MC3190-Z builds on with a rugged design and high performance industrial handheld with an advanced, high efficiency RFID reader engine for faster read rates and higher throughput. Add a groundbreaking new orientation-insensitive antenna and the result is a highly versatile device that is at home in customer-facing environments, from retail stores and healthcare facilities to the office.

INDUSTRIES                                            Used For

  •  Retail                                                                               (i) Inventory Management
  •  Warehouse Management                                            (ii) Asset Tracking



DS9808-R General Purpose RFID Scanner

The DS9808-R is the first combination 1D/2D barcode scanner and RFID reader and the first combination handheld/hands-free UHF RFID reader.

The DS9808-R is a ground-breaking POS device that represents two Zebra firsts. The DS9808-R is not only the first combination 1D/2D barcode scanner and RFID reader, it also represents a new RFID product category — the first combination handheld/hands-free UHF RFID reader.

In addition to UHF RFID tags, the DS9808-R offers the very latest in imaging technology, delivering record swipe speeds for 1D and 2D barcodes, as well as the ability to capture images and signatures.

Industries                                                                 Used For

  • Transporation                                       (i) Paper & Mobile Barcodes
  • Retail                                                       (ii) Signature Scanning
  • Hospitality                                            (iii) License & ID Card Parsing                                                                                                                                                (iv) Coupons & Loyalty Cards


Omnii XT15 Mobile Computer Series

Uniquely adaptive by design – combines extreme versatility with open innovation to deliver flexibility.

Building on the unique adaptability of the proven Zebra Omnii™ platform, the Omnii XT15 Series raises the bar even higher to deliver the highest levels  of ruggedness and functionality.

With the open source business model — giving you the flexibility and freedom to adapt your device with exactly what you need — and certified IP67 and IP65 rating, the Omnii XT15 Series delivers reliable performance and unparalleled adaptability for the most demanding of environments and applications.

        Industries:                                                                      Used For:

  • Transporation                                                (i)Inventory Control
  • Manufacturing                                               (ii)Replenishment
  • Warehousing                                                  (iii)Price Verification                                                                                                                                                                (iv) Asset Management                                                                                                                                                         (v) Picking and Put-Away



Workabout Pro 4 Mobile Computer

Everything you need to meet your business needs today, with the adaptability to meet the needs of tomorrow.

Give your workers the mobile computer that can continually evolve to meet your ever-changing business needs with the Workabout Pro 4. Its impressive modularity lets you buy the features you need now, and easily add practically any feature you can imagine, right in your own facility.

Start with Wi-Fi and add WWAN. Swap scan engines to support new types of barcodes. Add support for voice picking applications and just about any type of RFID tag. Many ready-to-use modules are available to meet the highly specialised needs of diverse vertical markets. And since the Workabout brand has been serving businesses for over 20 years, you can choose the well-proven Workabout Pro 4 with confidence.

      Industries                                                                            Used for:

  • Transporation                                                                      (i) Field Sales
  • Retail                                                                                       (ii) Field Service
  • Manufacturin                                                                      (iii) Direct store Delivery
  • Field Mobility                                                                      (iv) Warehousing                                                                                                                                                                     (v) Order Management




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