Healthcare Scanners

DS8100-HC Healthcare Scanner

Premium Healthcare Scanner

The DS8100-HC Series premium handheld medical scanner is purpose-built for healthcare environments, with unparalleled performance on virtually every barcode in any condition, a first-of-its-kind housing delivering maximum protection against the spread of bacteria, flexible user-selectable feedback modes designed for around-the-clock use and more.

DS6878-HC Healthcare Scanner

Cordless 2D Imager

The DS6878-HC cordless imager enables hospitals to automate data capture and improve data accuracy, helping to prevent medical errors and improving patient safety.

Symbol CS4070-HC Companion Scanner

Pocket-Sized Wireless 1D/2D Scanner

Put advanced barcode scanning in the pockets of your healthcare workers to improve patient safety and the patient experience with this pocket-sized wireless enterprise-class 1D/2D medical barcode scanner for carts and more.

DS4308-HC Healthcare Scanner

The Next Generation of Barcode Scanning

In the mission-critical world of healthcare, caregivers need to be able to accurately capture virtually any barcode, on any medium, in any condition — with first-time, every-time predictability. And with the DS4308-HC on your workstations-on-wheels and other trolleys, they can.